The essentials you need to get started with Q-interactive

Browser requirements
Tablet requirements
Uncompromised data security
Support and training

For optimal administration experience it's essential to have the following:

  • two iPads (one iPad is for the examiner and the second for the examinee​)
  • access to a computer with good Internet access through a standard browser​
  • Q-interactive™ software ‘Central & Assess’ installed on each iPad (purchased from the Apple store or an authorised Apple distributor)
  • two anti-glare screen covers to minimise glare from interior lighting
  • one capacitive-enabled stylus to write notes and verbatim responses during administration.

N.b. To ensure top performance of the application it is recommended that you adhere to the following: 

  • ensure other applications are not running in the background while Assess is running (to ensure all applications are closed, examiners should perform a hard restart of the iPad)
  • downloads and content updates must be be conducted via Wi-Fi connection
  • the first time you install Q-interactive Assess, it may take up to 10 minutes to install on your iPad. Future updates will not take as long to download. Q-interactive can support the iPad Pro 10.5 inch model for the practitioner device only (it does not support the client device). 

Browser requirements

The following are a list of supported browsers for Q-interactive Central.

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Edge (any) 
  • Safari 9+
  • Firefox 27+
  • Chrome 38+

Tablet requirements

Q-interactive requires the use of two Apple® iPads® that connect via Bluetooth. The table below lists which iPad models can be used for the practitioner and client devices. The iPads must use iOS 9 or higher and have at least 16 GB of storage. You can connect to the Internet using either Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Please note: We discontinued our support for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Mini in September 2018. When Apple launch IOS 13 which is expected in September 2019, Q-interactive will no longer support the iPad 4. Visit Apple Trade In to recycle your old devices and get credit towards new ones.  




Practitioner device


Client device


iPad 1st gen  ✖  ✖
iPad 2nd gen  ✖  ✖
iPad 3rd gen  ✖  ✖
iPad 4th gen  ✖  ✖
iPad 5th gen (2017)  ✔
iPad 6th gen (2018)  ✔  ✔
iPad 7th gen (2019) - 10.2'' screen  ✔  ✔
iPad 8th gen (2020)- 10.2" screen  ✔  ✔
iPad Air 1st gen
iPad Air 2nd gen
iPad Air 3rd gen (2019) - 10.5'' screen
iPad Air 4th gen (2020) - 10.9" Screen  ✖
iPad Mini 1st gen
iPad Mini 2nd gen  ✖**
iPad Mini 3rd gen  ✖  ✖**
iPad Mini 4th gen  ✔  ✖**
iPad Mini 5th gen (2019)  ✖**
iPad Pro (1st, 2nd, 3rd gen) 12.9'' screen  ✔   ✖**
iPad Pro 1st gen 9.7''screen  ✔
iPad Pro 2nd gen 10.5'' screen   ✔
iPad Pro 3rd gen 11'' screen  ✔    ✖**


* When obtaining new hardware, it is recommended you purchase the most recent version of the iPad. This will improve the performance of the Assess app and will increase the time until the device needs to be replaced. 

**Not supported because the psychometric impacts of displaying stimuli on a larger or smaller screen are unknown. 


Uncompromised data security

Safeguarding client confidentiality, securely backing up your data and ensuring compliance with the GDPR are our highest priorities. Q-interactive™ upholds the highest industry best practices for data security and encryption.

All client information and test data are encrypted and immediately backed up as they transfer between the Internet/Pearson Cloud Server, and Q-interactive’s digital devices. 

Pearson uses one Secure Domain Name service, owned solely by Pearson and is hosted in Toronto, Canada. When users access Q-interactive, they are logging into Pearson directly.

Our server is behind a firewall and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and also encrypted. Q-interactive also encrypts all users’ Personal Identifying Information (PII).

No Pearson employee, besides the primary database administrator, can access user PII (such as passwords) or the records of their clients. This prevents misuse or loss of private data.


Support and training 

Access available resources and support tools to maximise your user experience

As intuitive as the Q-interactive™ platform is, it will be an unfamiliar experience for new users. In order to familiarise new users with the system, we have created several resources, from webinars, video tutorials, user guides, blogs and technical support specialists, to ensure you get the most out of your annual licence and usage. 


Webinars: Our introductory webinars will bring you up to speed on the basics of Q-interactive and how to get started. 

Video tutorials and user guides: Access our brief, step-by-step training videos and user guides, which focus on key tests/ topics to help guide you through your administration process. Q-interactive users can access these videos anytime under the support section of Q-interactive Central (Qiactive.com) 

Technical support specialist: For pressing technical questions, or to speak with a digital specialist, call 0345 630 8888 (8:30am-5:00pm) or email info@pearsonclinical.co.uk

FAQs: Q-interactive has a detailed FAQs section where you can browse questions by category.



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