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Q-interactive features:

  • A consolidated web and iPad-based system featuring materials you are accustomed to managing in paper format.
  • Easy to set-up intuitive application.
  • Interactive tests delivered and scored on a digital system that leverages the convenience of online technology.
  • Personalised sessions to quickly compare test data.
  • Built-in tools such as touchscreen, response capture, audio recording and timer.
  • Digital note taking: record handwritten responses and make notes to view later on the iPad.
  • Generate instant reports with a tap of a finger; no more manual inputting of scores improves accuracy.
  • Access new tests without the upfront kit costs throughout the duration of an annual licence.
  • An intuitive system that lets you edit assessment batteries ‘on-the-fly’.

Benefits of using Q-interactive:

Improved accuracy

  • Real-time scoring: get accurate results and auto-calculated scaled scores and composites.
  • Edit assessment batteries ‘on-the-fly’; saves time and improves data accuracy.
  • Automated notifications: when a reversal or discontinue rule is triggered, the clinician is made aware from a drop down notification.
  • Verbal responses are recorded and automatically saved alongside the item for reference at a later date. 


  • Immediately review results upon completion of a subtest, review results, such as item level raw scores, scaled scores (if enough subtests have been completed), index and comparison scores.
  • Add additional subtests on the fly during the testing session, even if it is from a different assessment.
  • Create and save custom batteries from all available instruments on Q-interactive.
  • Secure platform: using industry standard data protection and encryption. Keeps all your scores in one database that’s accessible from any web-based computer.


  • Lightweight and portable: no need for cumbersome materials, just two iPads, helping to minimise the time spent on administrative tasks and maximise time with the examinee.
  • Access to a wide library of tests: all in one place, accessible via the Q-interactive online assessment library.

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