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Assessments you know and trust with today’s technology
Q-interactive™ is a revolutionary digital assessment platform created by Pearson to cater to the specific test administration and reporting needs of Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapists and Specialist Teachers/ SENCOs. Q-interactive, delivers the assessments you know and trust but with today's technology.

How does it work?
Each Q-interactive user is provided a unique username and password to access the secure Q-interactive portal online.

Central: browser-based function for generating client profiles, building test batteries, creating assessment sessions, and sharing results.

Assess: an application that lets an examiner administer a test via two iPads connected via bluetooth.


A faster, more enjoyable test experience for you and your client:
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Benefits to the examiner:
Q-interactive offers examiners a more engaging, personal, efficient and effective test administration process.

Benefits to the examinee:
Q-interactive leverages the technology that the digital-first generation know and enjoy, keeping them engaged, and reduces the risk of having their responses affected by boredom or fatigue.

Our vision

Why choose digital assessments on Q-interactive?
Q-interactive is an efficient, accurate and personalized digital assessment platform, that saves time, while adding unprecedented flexibility, portability, convenience and efficiency. It delivers the world’s most advanced assessment tools that you can take with you anywhere!

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Pearson Clinical Assessment developed Q-global for psychologists, health professionals and educators who want the ease, reliability, and security of a cost-effective, common web-based platform for their administration, scoring, and reporting needs.

Q-global is the only scoring and reporting system that features today's leading assessments on a simple-to-use, web-based interface that is accessible anytime, anywhere.


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Q-global offers you:  

  • 24/7 secure, web-based access

  • Portability: Data from testing sessions can be entered manually into Q-global using a tablet device. Please note tests cannot be administered on screen using a tablet device at this time.

  • Online ordering through Pearson's current e-Commerce site

  • On-demand, reliable scoring and expansive and comprehensive reporting solutions not available through hand scoring

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