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A comprehensive digital assessment system that delivers the world's most advanced assessment tools you can take with you anywhere.

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Q-interactive™ is a revolutionary new digital system that delivers the world’s most advanced assessment tools you can take with you anywhere. Q-interactive saves you time, while adding unprecedented flexibility, portability, convenience and efficiency.

With Q-interactive you no longer have to simultaneously juggle cumbersome manuals, stimulus books, record forms, notepads, a stop-watch, and manipulatives in order to do your job.


Comprehensive library of clinical assessment tools

Q-interactive puts a comprehensive library of clinical assessment tools right in the palm of your hand. Fixed and flexible approaches are enabled. Capturing data is easier. Scoring is immediate and accurate. And Q-interactive helps facilitate proper administration. 


How it works

Q-interactive is a comprehensive digital system that streamlines the entire assessment process. The clinician can create client profiles, choose and develop batteries, and review scored data through a secure web-portal. 

Administration occurs using two iPads that “talk” to each other via Bluetooth connection. The clinician uses one to administer instructions, record and score responses, take notes and control visual stimuli. The client uses the other to view and respond to stimuli.

Examiners can choose from and administer a library of digital tests and subtests which currently includes: WISC®–VUK, WIAT®–IIIUK, WAIS®–IVUK, WMS®–VUK, CELF5UK, WRAT5, CVLT®–III, CVLT®–C, NEPSY-II, CMS, D–KEFS, RBANS Update, PPVT4, GFTA3 and KLPA3. This library will be evolved and enhanced as we move forward with the inclusion of new tests and subtests.


Equivalency study

Prior to inclusion in the Q-interactive assessment library, each new type of subtest undergoes an equivalency study to confirm that scores obtained from Q-interactive are interchangeable with those obtained from our standard paper-and-pencil versions.

Clinicians will find it easy to use Q-interactive’s three functional modalities: “Choose” (select tests and subtests), “Assess” (administer the tests) and “Share” (with a simple tap, send results to the web application).

Q-interactive pricing

The price of an annual licence comprises two components - access to Q-interactive and subtest usage.
The more users associated with a licence, the lower the licence cost is per user. 

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