Most Clinical Assessments products can be ordered directly on our website. This includes orders paid by credit card. Please add items to your basket or create a new website account to get started.


To add items to a basket for online check out, you can either browse the website and add assessment products individually to your shopping cart or for larger orders use “Fast Shop” and directly enter ISBN numbers and quantities to your shopping cart. 


When ordering, it is important to note that all Pearson Clinical Assessments products in the UK have a qualifications rating of CL3, CL2, CL2R or CL1. This is changing to Qualifcation Levels A, B and C from November 2021. To purchase any of our products you are either required to be qualified at the product level yourself or be connected to an organisation and purchasing on behalf of another qualified user. Learn more about qualifications.  

Manual Ordering Options

While our website is designed to be the quickest, easiest option for ordering, we understand that there are many complexities around ordering assessment products that sometimes make it necessary to submit orders by other channels. If you would rather simply submit a purchase order or call without utilising a website account, please visit the manual ordering instructions page.

For additional information about ordering, please visit the other ordering pages.



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