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Making the most of those Golden Years

Independent Living


With the rapidly increasing  aging UK population and growing pressure on public service to provide quality care for the growing number of elderly citizens, there is a pressing need to ease the burden placed on the NHS by finding ways to supporting independent living and participation. For example,  early development of adaptive skills among elderly citizens to optimize independence; early identification of areas of need, and strategies to address this; evaluate capacity to live independently and provide performance-based results for monitoring strengths and need, in domains such as: 

  • Memory and orientation
  • Managing money
  • Managing home and transportation
  • Health and safety
  • Social adjustment

Pearson has the tools to  support healthcare professionals working with aging populations to help optimise the golden years. 


Independent Living Scales (ILS)

Independent Living Scales


This reliable standardised tool helps to determine to what degree adults are capable of caring for themselves and their property, idenifying the most appropriate living setting for adults who are experiencing a decline in cognitive functioning. 

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