Q-global UK


Q-global® offers three different delivery and reporting methods:

  1. On Screen administration (OSA) - Conduct assessments on screen using your device
  2. Remote On Screen administration (ROSA) - Send  assessment via email to examinee, parent or caregiver to complete. 
  3. Manual Entry - Enter assessment data from a paper record form

Once assessment data is received into the platform via any of the above methods, you can generate a report. Options for delivery vary by assessment, see below availability matrix for options.


Additional features: 


Create multiple sub-accounts to help manage sites, departments, and examiners.


Add or remove examinees, view and manage records, and assign assessments.


Search for specific assessment records and turn them into comprehensive reports.


Assign one or more assessments to a group of examinees.



Download the Q-global product matrix to see product availability and assessment delivery options for each assessment.


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