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From respiration to cognition

Since COVID-19 emerged in December 2019, scientists have been trying to fully understand how the virus affects those that it infects.
Originally it was believed that COVID only infected the respiratory track, leading to breathing difficulties and oxygen starvation in the host body. But within months new symptoms were added to this list including loss of taste and smell, two senses linked to brain function.
This raised the question of whether COVID was also impacting the brain.


Cognition resources


Cognitive support and resources 


To help you to continue to provide your clients with the care they need and to manage the increased workload brought on by the pandemic, we have consolidated a list of key resources that outline essential information on our offering:  


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Find the right cognitive assessment tool for your patient’s need

Practitioner support: 


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Read Barabara Wilson’s latest blog on how to support individuals with memory deficit 


aged care

Learn more on our numerous resources that can help you to support your elderly patients 



Assessment specific support:


    Barbara Wilson

Listen to the author’s explanation of the benefits of using the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test 3rd edition 




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Get your copy of our presentation on the features and capacities of the Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test 3rd edition


Find out about the latest updates of the Wide RangeTM Assessment of Memory and Learning, Third Edition 


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Integrity and innovation brought to you by the Wechsler family of assessments 



Join Assessment consultant Abbey Pick, for an in-depth explanation on the evidence-based program that improves attention by training working memory


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Join Tina Eichstadt, SLP & Sr Product Manager for a webinar to review and answer questions regarding the use of the WAB-R via telepractice 


  Barbara Wilson
Learn more on leading neuropsychologist and Pearson Clinical Assessments author, Barbara Wilson


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