2020/2021 Webinar Schedule

Our webinars are a convenient, cost-effective way of learning about our products and services throughout the year.

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This page is home to the slides and recordings from previous webinars on our Assessment products and services - the recordings are in order of newest to oldest.

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An introduction to Cogmed

Presenter: Abbey Pick, Assessment Consultant, Pearson

Date: July 2021



Join Abbey Pick for an in depth explanation on the evidence-based program that improves attention by training working memory.


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Beck range
BECK range

Presenter: Abbey Pick, Assessment Consultant, Pearson

Date: March 2021



Join Abbey Pick for an in depth explanation of the different assessments available within the BECK range.


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Remote access and scoring of the WRAT 5 via Q-global

Presenters: Richard Nash, Customer Success Manager, Pearson and Munashe Mashongamhende, Customer Success Consultant

Date: February 2021


Learn more on how to use the WRAT-5 during your Telepractice sessions.


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Introducing the Raven's 2

Presenter: Carolyn Hughes, Assessment Consultant, Pearson

Date: November 2020



Our Assessment Consultant Carolyn Hughes provides an updated introduction to the Raven's 2 clinical assessment. You will learn about the updates, application, advantages and flexible administration of this non-verbal test of observational skill and ability.


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Introducing the Brown EF/A

Presenter: Carolyn Hughes, Assessment Consultant, Pearson

Date: November 2020



Our Assessment Consultant Carolyn Hughes provides an introduction to the new Brown EF/A Scales. You will learn about the updates, application, flexible administration and scoring of this tool.


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The Impact of Autism Spectrum Disorder on Word Learning

Presenter: Dr Calum Hartley, Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University

Date: March 2020


In this webinar, Dr Calum Hartley (Lancaster University) gives an in-depth discussion into how ASD impacts a child's word learning ability.


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mental health group chat

Mental Health Assessments

Presenter: Carolyn Hughes, Assessment Consultant, Pearson

Date: November 2020


Get an overview of all the Mental Health Assessments Pearson Clinical has to offer.


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Western Aphasia Battery—Revised (WAB-R): Telepractice Guidance Webinar

Presenter: Tina Eichstadt, Maria Dekhtyar and Emily Braun

Date: June 2020


Join Tina Eichstadt, SLP & Sr Product Manager for a webinar to review and answer questions regarding the use of the WAB-R via telepractice.


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Introduction to Millon® Adolescent Clinical Inventory-II (MACI-II) 

Presenter: Dr Ruth Tully, Consultant Forensic Psychologist &  Clinical Lead,  Tully Forensic Psychology Ltd

Date: June 2020 


Join Dr Ruth Tully for an overview of MACI-II, changes since MACI, scoring and reporting considerations, and its remote administration available via Telepractice on Q-global.  This webinar will be followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.


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Embracing Telehealth: How to use the CELF-5 UK via Q-global

Presenters: Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech Pathologist, Pearson and Richard Nash, Customer Success Manager, Pearson

Date: June 2020


The landscape of speech pathology assessments has drastically changed. The term “social distancing” has become a part of our vernacular — seemingly overnight — and this has had a huge impact on how we provide services to our clients and patients. Remote assessments can help you to continue to provide support to those who need it most. In this webinar we will explore what telehealth is, factors to consider in deciding when and how to use it, and how to incorporate standardised assessments into your telepractice.

This free webinar using the CELF-5 UK via Telehealth includes the factors for conducting the assessment and how to capture the student’s responses.

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Introduction to the new Paediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT)

Presenter: Shelley Hughes, Occupational Therapist and Senior Product Manager

Date: May 2020


This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of this computer adaptive test that is now available on Q-global. Participants will also learn about the psychometric updates, scores provided and basic interpretation, with emphasis on the changes from a desk-top version to the new web-based format. Administration and usability options will be presented including remote administration for telehealth scenarios, and the new Autism Spectrum Disorder scale.


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digital support-192200X130

Telepractice using Q-global and Q-interactive

Presenter: Richard Nash, our customer success manager

Webinar date: April 2020

Learn how to administer a range of our assessments via screen share and remote administration on our digital platformsQ-global and Q-interactive.  


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3 part webinar series: Diagnosing language and communication disorders using the CELF range of assessments 

Presenter: Angela Kinsela, Consultant Speech and Language Therapist

Webinar dates: February 2020

This 3-part webinar series by Angela Kinsella, Consultant Speech-Language Therapist at Pearson, provides a detailed introduction to the CELF range of clinical assessments, their test structures, items and results to support you in administering these clinically proven assessments to ensure you get the results you need to diagnose language concerns in children and young people.  


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