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Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals Preschool-3 UK

CELF Preschool-3 UK
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals® Preschool-3 UK (CELF® Preschool-3 UK) assesses aspects of language necessary for preschool children to meet the language demands of the classroom. Submit your interest HERE in learning about how to move to the CELF Preschool-3 UK.   


Publication date:
Age range:
3:0 to 6:11
Core language score; receptive and expressive language index scores; expressive language, language content, and language structure index scores; standard scores, percentile ranks, age equivalents, and growth scores. 
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Level 1: 15-20 minutes. Entire test: variable
Verbal response to stimulus picture
Scoring options:
Q-interactive® Administration and Scoring, Q-global® Scoring & Reporting or Manual Scoring. 

CELF Preschool-3 UK is Coming Soon 

Submit your interest in learning about how to move to the CELF Preschool-3 UK.

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