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Explore our range of tools to help assess individuals from infancy to adulthood who may be at risk of Dyslexia. 

Find the products that are right for you by comparing your training code against the product qualification code.


Qualification code: CL2

A streamlined, flexible approach to language assessment that reflects today's diverse population of 5 to 21:11 year olds.




Qualification code: CL3

Determine whether a young child is experiencing difficulty in areas known to be affected in dyslexia from 4:6 to 6:5 years of                                        age




Qualification code: CL3

Identify children in infant / junior school who are at risk of dyslexia 6:6 to 11:5 years of age.




Qualification code: CL3

Identify children in secondary school who are at risk of dyslexia from 11:6 to 16:5 years of age.



Dyslexia adult

Qualification code: CL3

Screen for Dyslexia and other learning difficulties from 16:5 years +.



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Qualification code: CL2R

An individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment of key academic skills from 4 to 25:11 years of                                              age.




Qualification code: CL2R

Quick, evidence-based Dyslexia screening tool that identifies students that are at risk for 5 to 8 years olds.




Qualification code: CL2R

A UK-normed battery of five subtests to test key aspects of literacy from 4 to 25 years of age.





Qualification code: CL2R

Measures and monitors fundamental reading, spelling, and maths skills from 5+ years.




Qualification code: CL2R

Assess reading readiness and reading achievement from 4:6 to 79:11 years of age.




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