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Making the most of those Golden Years

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Mobility – is often a primary issue influencing participation for aging population. They fully understand the issue but can’t independently address it. Hence, it is crucial to identify the needs and priorities of those who have mobility challenges  in order to help them perform a variety of tasks that support successful participation in the community.

Pearson has the tools to  support healthcare professionals to establish a correct diagnosis, which can be life-changing for the person experiencing difficulty. Having a clear understanding of an individual’s strengths and challenges  can considerably improve one’s prospects of independent living and good mental health, whereas the incorrect diagnosis can accelerate cognitive decline and mobility, preventing individuals  from enjoying their golden years to the fullest. 


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Bruininks Motor Ability Test (BMAT)

 Bruininks Motor Ability Test

This individually administered, standardised test of gross and fine motor skills is ideal for professionals in occupational therapy and physiotherapy, nursing, human performance, and physical rehabilitation.
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