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If you are seeking permission to reproduce copyright materials from one of our assessments, please follow these instructions to ensure you complete the correct form:

  • Find the webpage for the product you are enquiring about (you can either do this by typing the product name into the search box or by navigating the menus)
  • Select the 'Permissions' link in the 'For this product' menu on the left hand menu on the product page
  • Click 'complete this form' and enter the necessary details.

NB If the webpage of the product you are interested in does not have a 'Permissions ' link in the left hand menu, please contact Customer Services and they will be able to advise you.

Here are some links to the correct forms for products we receive most requests about:

CCC-2DASHDEST-2D-KEFSDST-JDST-SMovement ABC-2 Raven's - Educational

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