Adaptive Behavior Profiles in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Presenter(s): Celine A. Saulnier, PhD

A one hour webinar on cognition and adaptive behaviour in individuals with ASD

Deficits in adaptive behavior are, by definition, criteria for Intellectual Disability. Yet in autism, adaptive delays tend to be above and beyond what would be expected based on cognitive impairments, alone. This gap between cognition and adaptive behavior appears to widen with age and impedes functional independence into adulthood. Moreover, patterns of strengths and weaknesses within adaptive domains raise concerns about the use of composite scores that wash out significant differences. This presentation will outline these profiles of adaptive behavior and discuss the importance of assessing for and teaching adaptive skills from initial diagnosis of ASD throughout the lifespan.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define adaptive behavior & differentiate adaptive behavior from cognition or ability
  2. Describe common profiles of adaptive functioning in ASD for individuals with and without cognitive impairment
  3. Identify effective treatment strategies for enhancing adaptive functioning

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