Myron F. Weiner

Dr. Myron Weiner is a geriatric psychiatrist whose primary interest is in managing the emotional and behavioral symptoms of dementing illness. Dr. Weiner is Professor of Psychiatry and Associate Professor of Neurology at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Texas, where he heads the Clinical Core of the UT Southwestern Alzheimer’s Disease Center. He holds the Aradine S. Ard Chair in Brain Science and the Dorothy L. and John P. Harbin Chair in Alzheimer's Disease Research. He has more than 200 scientific publications to his credit, including editorship of the third edition of "The Dementias: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research," published by American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc. in 2003 and The American Psychiatric Publishing Texbook of Alzheimer Disease and Other Dementias, published in 2009.