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Digital Solutions


Professionals around the world trust Pearson’s assessments and tools to help them make informed decisions in their ongoing efforts to improve lives. Our comprehensive selection of innovative, research-based digital tools will transform the way you work, improve your workflow, and make you more efficient.
Revolutionise your test administration and reporting with these convenient, easy-to-use systems.



Q-interactiveQ-interactive® is a 1:1 iPad®-based system that allows seamless administration, scoring, and reporting of assessments. 

This digital assessment system can be used at a distance of 2 metres or more via the use of 2 iPads. This means that both the practitioner and the patient or student can keep a safe distance, whilst reducing the amount of material touched and needing to be disinfected after the session. 

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Q-global is our web-based administration, scoring and reporting system that allows you to 


administer a selection of our assessments remotely. You can sign up to access the platform for free, to start your digital assessment journey.

You will find a range of digital manuals, stimulus books and complete kits that enable you to continue supporting your patients/ students during your socially distanced face-to-face or Telepractice sessions.  

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Digital Assessment Library for Universities (DALU) 

For a fixed, annual subscription, Universities can have use of our top assessments on Q-interactive and Q-global for remote teaching. 

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Q-global-PCTelepractice allows for delivery of assessment, intervention or consultation services at a distance. 

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