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For Speech and Language Therapists


In addition to supporting the varying speech, language and communication needs of patients of all ages. Alongside other health care professionals, you may have been asked or nominated yourself to join your peers to support those that require additional aid to eat, drink and communicate again after a traumatic and tiring experience or long illness.

To assist where we can and enable you to continue supporting your patients either in the person or at home, we've made available, a selection of our reliable assessments for use by Speech and Language professionals, on Q-global, our web-based administration and reporting platform to support you in delivering assessments remotely or via Telepractice.

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To support you where we can, we've produced product-specific Telepractice Guides to help ensure you can continue providing effective care remotely.

We currently have in-depth Telepractice Guides available for:


- Vineland-3

- EVT-3


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Q-global remote administration


With the need to continue to socially distance from those you serve for their and your safety, many of you are turning to digital assessments. To help you to continue identifying and assessing your patients’ needs, we have increased the number of products available to use online on our web-based platform, Q-global. Enabling you to administer a selection of assessments, intended for use by qualified SLTs, either via remote administration or Telepractice. 


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Products available to Speech and Language Therapists

Products suitable for remote administration via Q-global

GFTA-3 logoGoldman-Fristoe Test of Articulation, Third Edition,
 providing accurate scores you can count on for making diagnostic and placement decisions for speech sound disorders in ages 2 to 21:11. 



logoPediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT), a computer adaptive caregiver report which measures Daily Activities, Mobility, Social/Cognitive, and Responsibility from birth to 20 years. 



Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen LogoShaywitz DyslexiaScreen, a quick, evidence-based Dyslexia screening tool that identifies students that are at risk from                                              5 to 7:11 years. 


Vineland-3 logoVineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Third Edition (Vineland-3), an instrument for supporting the diagnosis of intellectual and developmental disabilities from birth.



WRAT5 LogoWide Range Achievement Test, Fifth Edition (WRAT5), measure and monitor fundamental reading, spelling, and maths skills from 5 to 85+

WRMT-III logoWoodcock Reading Mastery Tests, Third Edition (WRMT-III), assess reading readiness and reading achievement from 4:6 to 79:11



Products suitable for Telepractice

CELF-5 UK logoClinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals - Fifth Edition (CELF-5 UK)
 -  a streamlined, flexible, UK normed approach to language assessment that reflects today's diverse population from 5 to 21 years 11 months. 



EVT-3 logoExpressive Vocabulary Test Third Edition (EVT-3) - a norm-referenced and individually administered test of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval based on words in Standard American English from 2 years 6 months to 90+. 



Webinars and videos

Watch videos

From product specific webinars presented by experts in the field to insightful discussions on disorders that can affect your patients speech and language ability.


CELF webinar series

A 3 part webinar series presented by Angela Kinsella, Pearson Consulatant Speech and language Therapist, providing a detailed introduction to our CELF range of clinical assessments.


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Embracing Telepractice: How to use the CELF-5 UK via Q-global

This free webinar using the CELF-5 UK via Telehealth includes the factors for conducting the assessment and how to capture the student’s responses.


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Telepractice using Q-global and Q-interactive

A guide on how to administer a range of our assessments via screen share and remote administration on our digital platformsQ-global and Q-interactive.  


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Q-global Quick Start-Guide

A quick demonstration on how to access Q-global and the free resources.


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Succeeding with SEND: focus on Autism video

A discussion between Autistic student Mollie Lee and Calum Hartley, Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University, that explores her journey to diagnosis as well as the support she received to enable her to succeed throughout their education. 


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Additional materials

Browse through our range of our additional resources that can support you in the use of our assessments:


CELF-5 UK guide
CELF-5 UK comprehensive overview, a downloadable PDF that allows you to learn more on the CELF-5 UK assessment process, its 14 tests and if the print or digital format is right for you.



Calum Hartley's blogLanguage acquisition with ASD blog, read Dr Calum Hartley's, Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University blog on early years word learning with ASD.



Shaywitz DyslexiaScreen LogoShaywitz DyslexiaScreen - Sample Reports, find an individual and group report using our latest evidence-based                                                 Dyslexia screening tool.



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