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In the interest of helping you to continue working with your clients during this time, we will be updating this list gradually.  

We have a growing number of products that may be appropriately used for telepractice under certain conditions. Please keep in mind that local laws and regulations apply and must be considered first in each case. Any specific guidance available for a given test can be found on the individual product pages on this website.

In general, the appropriateness of use of a specific assessment tool in the context of telepractice should be considered carefully. First, you are responsible for checking local laws and regulations for your clinical practice. Second, you should refer to guidelines from your professional association (e.g. BPS, RCSLT, RCOT, UKCP) for further recommendations including ethical implicatiions, please refer to the links below:

Finally, you may use the information provided by Pearson on specific products to assist you in your clinical decision-making.

How to use telepractice with specific products

 CELF-5 Metalinguistic - Coming soon!
 CVLT-3 - New addition!
DASH - New addition
DASH 17+ - New addition
 GFTA-3 - New addition!
 WISC-V UK - New addition!
 WIAT-III UK - New addition!
 WAIS-IV UK - New addition!


 PEDI-CAT- New addition
 Brown E/FA - Soon!  MCCI
 Sensory Profile 2
 Shaywitz Dyslexia Screen
 MIPS Revised  Vineland-3


Online support with our Assessment Consultants

We've expanded the online availability of our Assessment Consultants who are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding our assessments or their use via telepractice.

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