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Telepractice Overview

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Understandably, you may not be using assessments at this time, but if you are considering telepractice, please consult your professional organisations, professional liability insurance providers, and local and national laws and regulations regarding telepractice. Please review this additional information before proceeding.

What is Telepractice (a.k.a telehealth or telemedicine or )?

In short, telemedicine allows for continuity of care when in-person sessions are not practical or feasible. Over the past several weeks, the landscape of healthcare has drastically changed. 

The term “social/physical distancing” has become a part of our vernacular — seemingly overnight — and as a large majority of the world has found a way to comply, there are many, like you, who are searching for ways to lessen the divide in order to provide care to those who need it. Telepractice can help you do just that. 

Whether you’re familiar with it as telehealth or telepractice, telemedicine, remote testing – the common theme is, our customers want to know how to serve their clients during this time so they can continue to deliver clinical, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, behavioral health, and psychoeducational tools and assessments to students and clients at home. 


Documents to guide your use of telepractice 

View our No Objection to permit delivery of tele-health services of certain copyrighted materials (PDF |91 KB) 

Interested in using our tests in telepractice? see the steps we recommend and the questions we'll ask in advance (PDF |90 KB) 


Weekly drop-in sessions with our Digital Consultants

Join our 30 min weekly drop in sessions with our experts Munashe and Richard who will be able to support you with any questions you may have on Telepractice and remote administration. 

Spaces are limited sign up now 


Access 100+ free* digital resources

In an effort to help where we can during COVID-19, we are View Free Resourcesoffering free access to a selection of digital manuals and stimulus books currently available on the Q-global Digital Resource Library. Take a look at the list so that you can begin planning.

*These resources will be available to you free of charge until 30th June, 2020 - Extended to 14th August 2020

Download list of free resources  (PDF | 91kb)


Discounts* on digital resources and kits.

To enable you to continue supporting your patients/ students during your socially distanced face-to-face or TelepracticeQ-global discount list 2020
sessions, we are offering you 50% off 100+ digital manuals and stimulus books on Q-global. 
We have also discounted a number of our complete digital kits to help you get started. View our discount list for more information.

*The discounts are available until 18th December 2020

Accessing free resources in Digital Resource Library

  1. Login to Q-global and click on the “Resource Library” tab in the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the “Test Folder” and then open the “Restricted Folder”.
  3. You will then see the free trial assets associated with that test. For more information, visit our Q-global homepage


How to access digital resources on Q-global 



 Access a selection of free digital stimulus books and manuals to administer test remotely on Q-global, our web-base administrtion system

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