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(Located under My Profile within Q-interactive Central, Qiactive.com)

(Located under My Profile within Q-interactive Central, Qiactive.com)

Qualified End User

Each Q-interactive account must have one qualified account owner who is responsible for setting up other users or admins on the account. You may have multiple admins and may set them up once your account is created.

Customer/Billing Information

if individual enter 'self'


  • Additional users may be added during the term of the annual site license. Cost will be at the utilized user rate for the site license and prorated to the nearest full month.
  • Pearson Terms and Conditions of Sale and Use apply.


  • Some test(s) require the use of manipulative items or response booklets that must be purchased separately. See here for details of the required items
  • Excess Subtests at the end of the Subscription Term will be automatically carried forward if the License is renewed. Excess Subtests will not be credited if Your License is not renewed.
  • Additional subtests consumed beyond the number used to establish the annual site license will be billed at the cost per subtest used to determine the annual site license cost.
  • For Memory subtests in which there is a Delayed Recall condition, there is no additional charge for the delayed administration.