Adaptive Behavior Assessment System ® (ABAS-3) - Third Edition

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Provides a complete assessment of adaptive skills across the life span


Patti Harrison,

Thomas Oakland

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Birth to 89 years


Individual - 15 to 20 minutes

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The third edition of this highly regarded assessment gives you a complete picture of adaptive skills across the life span. Retaining all of the essential features that made the second edition the preferred instrument, the ABAS-3 is even easier to administer and score. It is particularly useful for evaluating those with developmental delays, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, neuropsychological disorders, and sensory or physical impairments.

Use the ABAS-3 to:

  • Assess adaptive skills
  • Assist in diagnosing and classifying various developmental, learning, and behavioural disabilities and disorders
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop treatment plans and training goals
  • Document and monitor progress over time
  • Determine eligibility for services such as disability benefits, and evaluate capacity to live or work independently
  • Facilitate research and program evaluation

Key Features:

  • New norms, updated item content and improved ease of use
  • Covers individuals from birth to 89 years of age
  • Assesses 11 essential skill areas within 3 major adaptive domains: Conceptual, Social, and Practical
  • Identifies strengths and weaknesses
  • Integrates assessment, intervention planning and progress monitoring
  • Compatible with DSM-5
  • Available in print, software and online evaluation formats: Behaviour rating scale typically completed by parent, caregiver and/or teacher; self-rating option for adults

​​Domains and Skills

The ABAS-3 covers three broad domains (conceptual, social and practical). Within these domains, it assesses 10 skill areas. Items focus on practical, everyday activities required to function, meet environmental demands, care for oneself, and interact with others effectively and independently. On a 4-point response scale, raters indicate whether, and how frequently, the individual performs each activity.  

Forms: Parent/Primary Caregiver Form (Ages 0–5), Teacher/Daycare Provider Form (Ages 2–5), Parent Form (Ages 5–21), Teacher Form (Ages 5–21) and Adult Form (Ages 16–89)

Scores: For the 11 skill areas assessed—norm-referenced scaled scores. For the 3 adaptive domains and the General Adaptive Composite (GAC)—norm-referenced standard scores, confidence intervals for standard scores and percentile ranks. In addition, all scores can be categorised descriptively.

Norms: Based on a large sample representative of the US population


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Manual Administration Kits

Adult Kit (ages 16-89):

Includes 25 Adult Forms; Manual; Intervention Planner
ISBN: 9780749169053
£464.40 inc VAT

Comprehensive Kit (Ages 0 to 89):

Includes 5 Parent/Primary Caregiver Forms; 5 Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms; 5 Parent Forms; 5 Teacher Forms; 5 Adult Forms; Manual; Intervention Planner
ISBN: 9780749168957
£464.40 inc VAT

Infant and Preschool Kit (Ages 0 to 5):

Includes 25 Parent/Primary Caregiver Forms; 25 Teacher/Daycare Provider Forms; Manual; Intervention Planner
ISBN: 9780749168964
£559.20 inc VAT

School Kit (Ages 5 to 21):

Includes 25 Parent Forms; 25 Teacher Forms; Manual; Intervention Planner
ISBN: 9780749169022
£559.20 inc VAT


Adult forms (Ages 16 to 89)

Includes Adult forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749169015
£109.20 inc VAT

School: Parent Forms (Ages 5 to 21)

Includes School: Parent Forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749169060
£109.20 inc VAT

School: Teacher forms (Ages 5 to 21)

Includes School: Teacher forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749169039
£109.20 inc VAT

Infant and Preschool Parent/Primary Caregiver forms (Ages 0 to 5)

Includes Infant and Preschool Parent/Primary Caregiver forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749168971
£109.20 inc VAT

Infant and Preschool Teacher/Daycare forms (Ages 0 to 5)

Includes Infant and Preschool Teacher/Daycare forms, pack of 25
ISBN: 9780749168988
£109.20 inc VAT

Manual Administration Components

Intervention planner
ISBN: 9780749168995
£115.00 inc VAT

Scoring and Reporting Software

Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System Third Edition (ABAS-3) Unlimited Use Scoring Assistant & Intervention Planner W-620U

Includes CD and USB Key. Provides unlimited access to the following features: scoring, Score Report, Intervention Planning Report, Interpretive Report, Rater Report, and Progress Monitoring Report. Software requires Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10.CD drive and USB port required.Not compatible with Mac OS.Software can be installed on multiple computers but will only run when USB is plugged in.
ISBN: 9780749169046
£344.40 inc VAT


ISBN: 9780749169008
£211.00 inc VAT
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