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Pearson Clinical Assessment Research Projects

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What is a standardisation project?

Before we publish our newly developed assessments, we have a standardisation phase. During this phase, we test a sample of the general population with the new assessment in order to find out how people normally perform. Once the test has been published and is being used in clinical practice, professionals can use the standardisation scores as a benchmark. If an individual is performing above or below the average for their age group, they may need further support and intervention.

How does it work?

We have trained examiners, with enhanced DBS certificates, located all over the UK. If you are selected to take part, your assessment session can take place somewhere local to you, our examiners can even travel to your home if you’d prefer! You will also receive an Amazon gift card as a thank you for taking part.


Current Projects 

Bayley-4 Assessment (16 days - 42 months)

This assessment looks at five key developmental domains in babies and children aged between 16 days and 42 months old. These include cognition, language, social-emotional, motor and adaptive behaviour. Individuals being tested will engage in several age-appropriate activities, to assess their development in these areas. We are looking for people from all over the UK to take part in this project. 

The video below shows some examples of the fun activities involved in the Bayley-4:

More detailed information about the assessment and how to sign-up can be found in the Bayley-4 Participation Agreement.

Bayley-4 Participant Sign-Up


Motor Ability Assessment (3 - 25 year olds)

This assessment is designed to measure motor ability in children and young people aged 3-25 years. It involves individuals completing simple physical tasks such as balancing and catching, as well as some fine motor control tasks such as writing and drawing. We are looking for individuals from all over the UK to take part in this project. More detailed information about the assessment can be found by following the appropriate link below. 

If you are a parent of a child aged 3-15 years who would like to take part, please complete the child sign-up form. 

Motor Ability Assessment - Child Sign-Up 


If you are a young person aged 16-25 years, please complete the Young Person sign-up form.

Motor Ability Assessment - Young Person Sign-Up


Participate in the Future

If you are interested in being a participant but you do not fit the criteria for the above projects, please sign up to hear about future projects. 

Interested In Future Participation Opportunities


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