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Spot the Word, Second Edition (STW 2)

Product Description

Spot the Word, Second Edition (STW 2) allows you to assess premorbid verbal abilities, using a robust lexical decision task.

The test involves presenting an individual with pairs of items comprising one word and one non-word, for example, ‘flonty – xylophone’, the individual is required to point to the real word in the pair.

This format allows lexical decisions to be made through multiple methods including; meaning, familiarity, appearance and sound of words.

It is brief and easy to administer, and is particularly useful for clinical psychologists, neurologists and geriatricians.

Features and Benefits

STW 2 excels in the way it:

  • does not require individuals to make a verbal response
  • requires familiarity, but not necessarily the capacity to pronounce correctly, so is resistant to the effects of stress or brain damage
  • has been standardised on approximately 250 UK adults between the ages of 16 and 90
  • has been normed alongside the new WAIS-IVUK, TOPF UK and TFLSUK
  • is sensitive to the effects of closed head injury, normal ageing, Alzheimer’s disease Schizophrenia, and to a wide range of drugs and stressors.

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STW Complete kit:

Includes manual, record forms (25), reading card and bag
£122.51 inc VAT
Record forms, pack of 25
£32.40 inc VAT

Key Information


Assess premorbid intellectual and cognitive abilities and functioning with Spot the Word, Second Edition.


Alan Baddeley

John Crawford

Publication Year


Age Range

16 years to 90 years


Individual - untimed

Qualification Code


£109.00 (Complete kit price from)

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