Succeeding with SEND series: Focus on Autism


Autism is more common than people realise with around 700,000 people living with the condition, thus affecting 2.8 million family members in one way or another.*

We have created this series of videos dedicated to certain diagnosises that can impact a person’s education.

The Autism episode consists an informal conversation between Dr Calum Hartley, professor at Lancaster University and 21 year old Autistic student, Mollie Lee, to explore her late diagnosis, how she overcame challenges and the difference in assessing boys and girls.




calum-hartley-headshotDr Calum Hartley

Dr Calum Hartley is a Lecturer in Psychology at Lancaster University. He is an internationally-recognised expert in autism and his research focuses on how this disorder impacts children’s symbolic communication.

Calum was awarded his PhD in 2014 which investigated how minimally verbal children with autism understand pictures and words. In 2016, he was awarded a Future Research Leaders Fellowship by the Economic and Social Research Council to profile how children with autism identify, retain, and generalise the meanings of words. Calum is currently supervising several PhD projects exploring this topic. He is also interested in aspects of social cognition, including sharing and ownership, and is involved in a long-running outreach project (‘Science Hunters’) that uses Minecraft to introduce science to children with special educational needs.

For more information about Calum’s publications, please visit his university web page.


Mollie-photoMollie Lee

Mollie Lee, is a 21 year old post-graduate psychology student at Lancaster University studying developmental disorders. She was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at 17, when she was already interested in psychology and atypical development which she now                                                   get to pursue.




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