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Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis | Third Edition

The new Khan-Lewis Phonological Analysis, Third Edition (KLPA-3 ) works with Goldman-Fristoe 3 to help determine if use of phonological processes are contributing to an individual's speech sound disorder
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KLPA-3 Q-global Kit
9780749170660 Qualification Level B

Includes: the Digital Examiner's Manual on Q-global, the Digital Sound Change Map on Q-global, and paper Analysis Forms (package./25)




Publication date:
Age range:
2:0 - 21:11
10 Developmental Phonological Processes yield standard scores, percentiles, test-age equivalents, and percent-of-occurrence for individual processes by age.
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10-30 minutes

Product Details

The KLPA-3 helps make informed therapy decisions based on the most current research with updated normative information.


  • Use automated digital scoring and analysis.
  • Access at-a-glance diagnostic phonological information information and guidelines for remediation planning.
  • Record remediation goals and objectives for many common phonological processes such as Initial Voicing and Liquid Simplification.
  • Evaluate phonological processes using an individual's Goldman-Fristoe 3 responses.


Administer Goldman-Fristoe 3 to get a detailed measure of articulation ability. There are three ways to obtain KLPA-3 scores:

  • Administer GFTA-3 on Q-interactive (iPad), then purchase a KLPA-3 score report. The KLPA-3 scores and report can be obtained automatically as soon as the GFTA-3 administration is complete.
  • Purchase a GFTA-3/KLPA-3 combined score report on Q-global. Enter GFTA-3 scores, then obtain a KLPA-3 analysis.
  • Hand-score the KLPA-3. Transfer the responses to the KLPA-3 Analysis Form and use the Sound Change Booklet to identify the phonological processes that were used.


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