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The School Function Assessment (SFA) measures student performance of functional tasks that affect the academic and social aspects of an elementary school program. SFA facilitates collaborative program planning for students with various disabling conditions
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SFA Complete Kit
9780761615705 Qualification Level B

Includes User's Manual, 25 Record Forms and 3 Rating Scale Guides




Publication date:
Age range:
Preschool to year 7
Qualification level:
Individual scales can be completed in as little as 5 to 10 minutes
Criterion-Referenced ratings

Product Details

The instrument is a judgment-based (questionnaire) assessment that is completed by one or more school professionals who know the student well and have observed his or her typical performance.


  • Facilitate collaborative program planning for students with a variety of disabling conditions.
  • FHelp elementary school students with disabilities succeed by identifying their strengths and needs in important non-academic functional tasks.
  • FUse criterion cut-off scores to establish eligibility for special services.
  • FEvaluate students on three scales: Participation, Task Supports, and Activity Performance.


Several important features of this model were considered during the development of the SFA:

  • Each level focuses on a different aspect of function.
  • Functional performance reflects both individual and contextual factors.
  • Functional performance is context specific.
  • Function is defined primarily by the outcome of performance rather than by the methods used.


The following resources are available for SFA.

SFA Overview