BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire

The BASC-3 Parenting Relationship Questionnaire (BASC-3 PRQ) captures parental perspective on the parent-child relationship. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice

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  • BASC-3 PRQ Hand Scored Examination Set
    9780749169725 Qualification Level B

    Includes 1 PRQ Manual, 1 package (25 per package) of each English Preschool and Child/Adolescent Record Forms and 1 package (25 per package) of each Preschool and Child/Adolescent Hand-Score Worksheet


  • BASC-3 PRQ Q-global Digital Manual
    9780749171131 Qualification Level B


  • BASC-3 PRQ Preschool (2-5 years) Record Forms
    9780749169749 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


    Estimated to ship:6-7 weeks
  • BASC-3 PRQ Preschool (2-5 years) Hand Score Worksheets
    9780749169732 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


    Estimated to ship:More than 12 weeks
  • BASC-3 PRQ Manual
    9780749171117 Qualification Level B


  • BASC-3 PRQ Child and Adolescent Record Forms
    9780749169718 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • BASC-3 PRQ Child Adolescent Hand Score Worksheets
    9780749169701 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • BASC-3 Q-global Administration/Report Qty 1 (Digital)
    9780749169688 Qualification Level B

    Includes 1 on-screen administration, scoring and reporting for the TRS, PRS, SRP, SDH, PRQ or SOS



Publication date:
Age range:
Reading Level:
Year 4
T scores and percentiles, for a general population
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10-15 minutes
Scoring options:
Q-global™ Web-based Administration, Scoring, and/or Reporting, or Manual Scoring.
Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

Product Details

The BASC-3 PRQ includes two forms — Preschool or Child and Adolescent — that can be quickly and easily completed by a parent or primary caregiver.


  • Use in school and psychological evaluations to determine an appropriate intervention plan based on parental involvement.
  • Use in clinical and pediatric evaluations where parent involvement is key to an effective treatment plan.
  • Use in family counseling evaluations to assess different parenting relationships, beliefs, and practices among parents or other caregivers.
  • Use in intervention and treatment programs where parents are involved in the therapy process.


To learn more about BASC-3 products, read the overview brochure.

  • Seven scales: Attachment, Communication, Discipline Practices, Involvement, Parenting Confidence, Satisfaction With School, Relational Frustration.
  • Multiple dimensions that are relevant to the development of strong and healthy parent-child relationships.
  • Normative samples, for both female and male raters, that are closely matched to U.S. Census population estimates.
  • Items written at a third-grade reading level.
  • Validity indexes that can be used to detect careless or exaggerated responding.

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available for BASC-3 PRQ.


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