BASC-3 Flex Monitor

BASC-3 Flex Monitor is a new, flexible way to monitor changes in behaviour and emotional functioning. It enables psychologists and professionals in school or clinical environments to monitor and track effects of behavioural intervention plans
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  • BASC-3 Flex Monitor Q-global Report
    9780749169756 Qualification Level B


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Publication date:
Age range:
2:0 - 18:11
Raw score, T score
Qualification level:
Completion time:
5 minutes for each standard form; custom forms vary
Scoring options:
Q-globalTM web-based

Product Details

The BASC-3 Flex Monitor provides a complete picture of child behavior by applying a triangulation method for gathering information.


  • Analyze from three perspectives — self, teacher, and parent — using a comprehensive set of rating scales and forms.
  • Monitor and track the progress of behavior intervention plans.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of school-wide behavioral expectation programs.
  • Develop custom progress monitoring forms.
  • Promote the involvement of teachers, parents, and students addressing behavioral and emotional concerns.


The BASC-3 Flex Monitor includes teacher, parent, and self-report forms to use in conjunction with a secure online system for administering, scoring, and reporting test results.

  • Forms can be administered digitally using a smartphone, tablet device, or computer.
  • T score norms, based on a nationally representative sample, are automatically calculated and can be used to evaluate change and compare to others of a similar age.
  • Comprehensive reporting for up to 10 administrations of a form details the significance of the change in scores and the number of students that have reached a performance goal.


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