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(MAPI) Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory

Key information

Assessment of adolescent personality characteristics


Dr Theodore Millon,

Catherine J Green,

Robert B Meagher Jr

Publication Year:


Age Range:

13 years to 18 years


Individual - 20 to 30 minutes (150 true/false items)

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The Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory (MAPI) instrument is normed on both normal adolescents and adolescent patients. The inventory outlines 3 distinct scale dimensions: personality styles, expressed concerns and behavioural patterns.

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How to Use This Test

The MAPI instrument can be used for diagnosis and treatment planning in clinical, correctional and educational settings by psychologists, psychiatrists, and school counsellors, as well as other mental health and guidance professionals.

Key Features

  • Most adolescents can complete the test in 20–30 minutes, helping to reduce resistance to test-taking.
  • Scales help evaluate adolescent expressed concerns, personality styles, and coping patterns to help select the best approach to treatment and identify behavior patterns and issue that may need further exploration during therapy.


Personality Styles
1 - Introversive
2 - Inhibited
3 - Cooperative
4 - Sociable
5 - Confident
6 - Forceful
7 - Respectful
8 - Sensitive

Expressed Concerns
A - Self-Concept
B - Personal Esteem
C - Body Comfort
D - Sexual Acceptance
E - Peer Security
F - Social Tolerance
G - Family Rapport
H - Academic Confidence

Behavioural Correlates
SS - Impulse Control
TT - Social Conformity
UU - Scholastic Achievement
WW - Attendance Consistency

Validity Indices

Scoring and Reporting

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NB The MAPI is only scorable via Q-global

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NB The MAPI is only scorable via Q-global

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Digital Scoring and Reporting

Q-global MAPI Interpretive Report
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