Q-global Sample Reports

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2-Restructured Form® (MMPI-2-RF®) - Q-global Sample Reports

The MMPI-2-RF® Score and Interpretive Reports provide raw and T scores for all 51 empirically validated scales of the MMPI-2-RF. These reports also enable users to include comparative means and standard deviations for groups from 20 different settings to create their own customized comparison groups

Interpretive Report

This report includes full scoring information and an integrated interpretation of scores organized in the following sections: 

  • Synopsis – Summary of the major conclusions
  • Protocol Validity – Comprehensive information about potential threats to test validity
  • Substantive Scale Interpretation – Description of clinical symptoms, personality characteristics, and behavioral tendencies
  • Diagnostic Considerations – Diagnostic possibilities indicated by test results
  • Treatment Considerations – Recommendations pertaining to treatment planning
  • Item-Level Information – List of unscorable responses, critical responses, and user-designated item-level information
  • Endnotes – Identification of scores that triggered each statement
  • Research Reference List – Sources of statements based on empirical correlates

Sample Reports

Psychiatric Inpatient Interpretive Report

Score Report

This report provides a comprehensive representation of scales organized in the following sections: 

  • Validity Indicators
  • Higher-Order scales
  • Somatic/Cognitive and Externalizing scales
  • Externalizing, Interpersonal, and Interest scales
  • PSY-5 scales

Sample Reports

Bariatric Surgery Candidate Score Report

Forensic, Neuropsychological Score Report

Forensic, Pre-trial Criminal Score Report

Personnel Screening, Law Enforcement Score Report

Psychiatric Inpatient Score Report


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