Raven's Progressive Matrices

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Progressive Matrices are used to assess general ability from a non-verbal perspective


John C Raven et al

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Child / Adult


Individual or Group - timed (40 minutes) or untimed

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Raven's Progressive Matrices enjoy a long and famous history in the assessment of general cognitive abilities in children.

The Progressive Matrices usefully provide an assessment of non-verbal ability, an important feature for our ethnically diverse population.

The Raven’s Progressive Matrices are in wide use throughout the world and come in a variety of formats to cover educational, clinical and occupational uses.

Raven’s Progressive Matrices

A measure of eductive ability – the ability to make sense and meaning out of complex or confusing data; the ability to perceive new patterns and relationships, and to forge (largely non-verbal) constructs which make it easy to handle complexity.

The Raven’s Progressive Matrices comes in 3 formats:

  • Colour Progressive Matrices (CPM) (for use with children and elderly people)
  • Standard Progressive Matrices (SPM) (for use with the general population)
  • Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) (top 20% of the population)

Raven’s Progressive Matrices have a wide variety of applications including:

  • In educational settings the Matrices have a long history of application and use. Scores are relatively unaffected by linguistic and ethnic background and can be used as a good predictor of success in an educational context for both children and adults.
  • In clinical settings the reliability of the measures and lack of bias makes them ideal tools in neuropsychological assessment, working with elderly people and many clinical groups whose particular needs make the demands of more traditional cognitive testing unrealistic.
  • For many years the Matrices have found wide application in numerous research studies. Their strong theoretical background, lengthy citation count and application across multiple language, ethnic and cultural groups make them ideal tools for investigations requiring measurements of cognitive abilities in a wide range of organisational, educational and clinical settings.

The following versions are available:

  • CPM kit
  • SPM kit
  • APM kit

Other forms of SPM and CPM are also available, please contact Customer Services on 0845 630 88 88 for more information.

If you want to use the APM in an organisational and HR setting, please see Raven's APM and SPM Short-Forms (on our TalentLens website) for the most up-to-date version and available format options.


Price list

Raven's SPM Kit:

Includes overview Manual, SPM Section Manual (admin and scoring), pack of 10 EasyScore answer sheets and 1 Test Booklet
ISBN: 9780749163815
£254.41 inc VAT

Raven's CPM Kit:

Includes overview Manual, CPM Section Manual (admin and scoring), pack of 10 EasyScore answer sheets and 1 Test Booklet
ISBN: 9780749163808
£254.41 inc VAT

Raven's APM Kit:

Includes overview Manual, APM Admin and scoring Manual, pack of 10 EasyScore answer sheets, 1 x test booklet Set 1 and 1 x test booklet Set 2
ISBN: 9780749163792
£285.01 inc VAT
APM easy score record form, pack of 10
ISBN: 9780158338378
£43.20 inc VAT
SPM Classic easy score record forms, pack of 10
ISBN: 9780158338392
£43.20 inc VAT
CPM Easy Score answer sheets, pack of 10
ISBN: 9780158338385
£43.20 inc VAT

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