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Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning | Second Edition

  • Wayne Adams, PhD, ABPP
  • David Sheslow, PhD
Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition (WRAML2) is a broad-based memory battery that provides a flexible measure of memory functioning and learning
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WRAML-2 Sound Symbol Booklet
9780749170301 Qualification Level C




Age range:
Individuals 5 - 90
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Less than 1 hour for the Core Battery
Scoring options:
Hand scoring

Product Details

WRAML-2 allows users to diagnose memory problems and facilitates the need for two memory tests for adults and children.


  • Access standard scores, scaled scores, and percentiles, and age equivalents for the child and pre-adolescent age groups.
  • Provide an overview of memory functioning in four subtests from the Core Battery.
  • Choose from additional subtests and indexes to further enhance working memory assessment capabilities.


The WRAML2 Core Battery is composed of two verbal, two visual, and two attention/concentration subtests. 

  • Four subtests from the Core Battery provide an overview of memory functioning.
  • A General Memory Index comprises Verbal Memory Index, Visual Memory Index and Attention/Concentration Index (coefficient = .93)
  • A Working Memory Index comprises Symbolic Working Memory and Verbal Working Memory subtests, plus four recognition subtests: Design Recognition, Picture Recognition, Verbal Recognition and Story Memory Recognition.
  • New age norms from 5–90 years.


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How long does it take​?​

The WRAML2 can be tailored to meet the clinician’s needs. A screening version (4 subtests) yields Verbal and Visual Memory Indexes, along with an overall Screening Index. Administration time for an experienced clinician, depending on the client’s pacing, is around 20-30 minutes. The standard battery is 6 subtests and yields, in addition to the Verbal and Visual Memory Indexes, an Attention/Concentration Index and a General Memory Index. Total time is around 35-40 minutes. For those wanting more qualitative and comparison data (e.g., a comprehensive n-p battery), the standard battery and all optional subtests take about 60-70 minutes.

What is the best way to interpret the scores?

In addition to material in the accompanying manual there is an Essentials book (Wiley) on the WRAML2 (and TOMAL), co-authored by Wayne Adams and Cecil Reynolds.  The WRAML2 portion of that book provides a thorough overview, practical how-to’s, cautions, and interpretive paths to consider.

How does the WRAML2 differ from other Pearson products that assess memory?

The WRAML2 is a lifespan product (ages 5-90 years) that quickly and efficiently allows clinicians to assess memory function vs. WMS-IV (ages 16-90) and CMS (ages 5-16).