Social Skills Improvement System SSIS Classwide Intervention Program

The Social Skills Improvement System Classwide Intervention Program (SSIS - CIP) provides interventions that focus on the top 10 social skills. SSIS-CIP is a structured, yet flexible and efficient way to teach skills to students from preschool to early adolescence


Publication date:


Age range:

3 -18

Qualification level:


RTI tiers:

Level 2

Product Details

SSIS-CIP is based on input from hundreds of teachers across the country. Program units focus on 10 social skills that consistently earned the highest importance ratings.


  • Includes ongoing monitoring and feedback components.

  • Aligns with all tiers of the RTI framework.

  • Designed in conjunction with the SSIS Performance Screening Guide to provide a coordinated system for improving social skills.

  • Offers materials that support home-school communications and student self-monitoring - critical elements in generalizing social skills to environments beyond the classroom.


The following resources are available for SSIS-CIP.