Social Skill Improvement System (SSIS) Intervention Guide

SSIS Intervention Guide
The Social Skills Improvement System (SSIS™) Intervention Guide helps plan and implement remediation strategies directly tied to student social skill problems identified by the SSIS Rating Scales

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Product Details

SSIS Intervention Guide is highly coordinated with the SSIS Rating Scales.


  • Conduct meaningful pre-treatment and post-treatment assessments.
  • Be confident that your decisions are reliable and your documentation of changes is accurate.
  • Select from many optional intervention strategies.
  • Get resources that support 20 instructional units.
  • Monitor program effectiveness and student progress.


The revised guide provides units that follow a step-by-step teaching model addressing:

  • Communication (2 units) and Engagement (3 units)
  • Cooperation (3 units)
  • Assertion (3 units)
  • Responsibility (3 units)
  • Empathy (2 units)
  • Self-control (4 units)


The following resources are available for SSIS.