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Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement | Third Edition

Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement Third Edition (KTEA™-3) is an individually administered battery that provides in-depth assessment and evaluation of key academic skills. Guidance on using this test in your telepractice
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KTEA-3 Comprehensive Response Booklet Form B
9780749168537 Qualification Level B

Pack of 25




Publication date:
Age range:
Individuals 4:0–25:11
Age- and grade-based standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15), age and grade equivalents, percentile ranks, normal curve equivalents (NCEs), stanines, and Growth Scale Value (GSV)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
15-85 min for ASB Composite
Q-interactive® (digital) or paper-and-pencil
Scoring options:
Q-global™ (web-based) or manual scoring
Report Options:
Q-global™ report includes Score Summary, subtest Comparisons, Achievement/Ability Comparisons Error Analysis, and Instructional Interventions
System requirements:
Software is compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) and macOS (up to and including High Sierra). The audio files are located on the KTEA-3 USB Flash drive.
Guidance on using this test in your telepractice.

Product Details

Empower all your students to succeed and receive a deeper understanding of achievement gaps with the new KTEA-3.


  • Evaluate academic skills in reading, math, written language, and oral language.
  • Measure progress or response to intervention and identify learning disabilities, and adjust instruction based on performance.
  • Identify learning disabilities and achievement gaps.
  • Motivate low-functioning students using novel tasks.
  • Covers IDEA and National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).


KTEA-3 maintains all the important features of the KTEA-II with a wealth of new updates:

  • Dyslexia Index Scores for screenings, research, and inclusion in an assessment battery.
  • New subtests including Writing Fluency, Silent Reading Fluency, Math Fluency and Reading Vocabulary.
  • New norms for ages 4:0 through 25:11 and for grades pre-K through 12.
  • Mapping to Common Core Standards to assist with compliance issues.
  • Behavioral checklist and intervention suggestions for parents and teachers.


  • Phonological Processing (PP)
  • Math Concepts & Applications (MCA)
  • Letter & Word Recognition (LWR)
  • Math Computation (MC)
  • Nonsense Word Decoding (NWD)
  • Writing Fluency (WF)
  • Silent Reading Fluency (SRF)
  • Math Fluency (MF)
  • Reading Comprehension (RC)
  • Written Expression (WE)
  • Associational Fluency (AF)
  • Spelling (SP)
  • Object Naming Facility (ONF)
  • Reading Vocabulary (RV)
  • Letter Naming Facility (LNF)
  • Listening Comprehension (LC)
  • Word Recognition Fluency (WRF)
  • Oral Expression (OE)
  • Decoding Fluency (DF)


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KTEA-III Composite Structure

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available for KTEA-3.

Now Available!

Digital Assets: Stimulus Books, Manuals, and Other Administration Materials
You can now choose to replace your paper administration components with a digital version of each piece. The Q-global Resource Library hosts KTEA-3 digital stimulus books, manuals, and ancillary administration materials. Each component can be purchased separately or as a digital kit.
NOTE: Paper record forms and scoring are not included in some digital kits at this time. Please refer to the descriptions for items included in any kit purchase.




If you are taking a test in Q-global and are having difficulty hearing the audio (from the USB flash drive), please follow these steps:

Place the audio files in a folder on your hard drive
Right-click on the file you want to play
Select "Play with Windows Media Player"
You can now select all the files in the file folder and follow the same steps if you need to easily click through the different tracks




Select a question below to see the response.

Q & A from the KTEA-3 and WIAT-III Dyslexia Index scores webinars

Can I access the WIAT-III or KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index scores from Q-interactive?

Soon! They are ready for the next release on Q-interactive, which should be within the month.

Where do I access these Dyslexia Index scores?

In print, in Q-global, and soon-to-be in Q-interactive!

  • KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index Scores Manual (Manual Scoring) 015801524X
  • KTEA-3 Dyslexia Index Scores Manual on Q-global 0150023189
  • WIAT-III Dyslexia Index Scores Manual (Manual Scoring) 0158015258
  • WIAT-III Dyslexia Index Scores Manual on Q-global 0150023197

Is the information in these new manuals similar to the Essentials book?

The original tables were first published in the Wiley Essentials of KTEA-3 and WIAT-III Assessment book, yes. However, these new manuals are expanded in content (with a wider age range in the case of WIAT-III), have the necessary forms, directly include scoring and significant interpretive information related to risk and recommendation language.

Is the score form included when I order protocols?

The score form is included in the new manuals--you may reproduce!

If we use either the KTEA-3 or the WIAT-III comprehensive tests now, can we just use the relevant subtests needed for these scores, or do we need other content?

If you have the current KTEA-3 or WIAT-III complete kits, you have everything you need except the new Dyslexia Index score manual--choose print or Q-global version.

Can I use the raw data from the Q-interactive administration to score using one of these new manuals?

Yes, you can use an existing KTEA-3 or WIAT-III administration with the new Dyslexia Index score manual.

Will Q-global score this currently? 

We are working on approvals for integrating the Dyslexia Index scores into the Q-global scoring and reporting, but that functionality is not available at this time.

How do you get the computation form?

It's included in the new manual.

Will the WIAT-III Dyslexia Index score give us a different score than typical scoring on the WIAT-III? 

Yes. It will provide a new score and that was not available before in the WIAT-III test. This score can be used on its own as a screener, or it can be used as part of the comprehensive evaluation with a full administration of KTEA-3 or WIAT-III.



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