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Test for Reception of Grammar

Test for Reception of Grammar (TROG-2) measures understanding of grammatical contrasts. Test understanding of 20 constructs four times each using different test stimuli

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Publication date:
Age range:
4 years to adult
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Individual - 10 to 20 minutes

Product Details

The TROG-2 is a fully revised and nationally re-standardised version of the widely used TROG.


  • Tests understanding of 20 constructs four times each using different test stimuli
  • Each test stimuli is presented in a four picture multiple-choice format with lexical and grammatical foils
  • Difficulty range has been increased to effectively tap into the receptive grammar of secondary aged school children and young adults
  • TROG was originally developed from research material designed to investigate specific aspects of SLI in the mid seventies. The original standardised version included norms of over 2,000 children and was published in 1983 with slight modifications made in 1989.

Standardisation of TROG-2

792 children aged 4 to 16 years and 70 adults participated from 10 regions across the United Kingdom. The sample was stratified by age, gender, geographical distribution and SES using the 2001 census statistics. Narrower age bands at younger age groups were used to reflect rapid changes in grammatical understanding and reliability and validity studies were conducted.

Who would use this assessment?

The TROG-2 is suitable for use by Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists and Teachers of the Deaf. It is also useful for Neuropsychologists assessing adults with acquired language disorder.