BDI - FastScreen for Medical Patients

Quickly screen for depression in adolescents and adults with the new BDI® – FastScreen for Medical Patients. A new version of the Beck Depression Inventory®–II designed specifically for medical patients. BDI® – FastScreen is a reliable 7-item self-report instrument useful for case-finding

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  • BDI-FastScreen Complete Kit
    9780158019413 Qualification Level B

    Includes Manual and Pad of 50 Record Forms


  • BDI-FastScreen Manual
    9780158019420 Qualification Level B


  • BDI-FastScreen Record Forms
    9780158019437 Qualification Level B

    Pad of 50



Publication date:


Age range:

13 through 80 years

Completion time:

Less than 5 minutes

Product Details

Features and Benefits

  • This cost-effective, focused evaluation tool is self-administered in just a few minutes and easily scored by office staff
  • Measures the severity of depressive symptoms corresponding to the psychological, nonsomatic criteria for diagnosing major Depressive Disorders in the DSM– IV.
  • Helps quantify depression, while excluding symptoms that might be related to medical problems. (Evaluates depression in patients whose behavioral and somatic symptoms attributable to biological, medical, alcohol and/or substance abuse problems may confound diagnosis.)