Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory

The Millon® Adolescent Personality Inventory (MAPI®) is a normed assessment of adolescent personality characteristics. Guidance on using this in your telepractice

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Publication date:
Age range:
13 years to 18 years
Qualification level:
Guidance on using this in your telepractice

Product Details

The Millon Adolescent Personality Inventory (MAPI) instrument is normed on both normal adolescents and adolescent patients.


  • The inventory outlines 3 distinct scale dimensions: personality styles, expressed concerns and behavioural patterns.
  • Most adolescents can complete the test in 20–30 minutes, helping to reduce resistance to test-taking.


  • Scales help evaluate adolescent expressed concerns, personality styles, and coping patterns to help select the best approach to treatment and identify behaviour patterns and issue that may need further exploration during therapy.

Digital scoring and reporting option available on Q-global®




Is the MAPI instrument appropriate for use with normal adolescents?

Yes. Eighty-three percent of the normative population is junior and senior high school students in public and parochial settings.

Will recording the wrong sex make a difference on the profile?

Yes, because the MAPI instrument has separate male and female norms.

Will recording the wrong age make a difference on the profile?

Yes. There are two age ranges in the normative group, 13–15 and 16–18. Each age range has its own set of male and female norms. If the age falls outside of the relevant age range, the program will default to the norms closest to the client's recorded age. If the age is omitted, the default is 13–15.

How can a MAPI instrument be invalid if there are less than 10 omissions?

Check Scales 21 (Reliability) and 22 (Validity). If the client answered True to two or more items from Scale 21 or one from Scale 22, the report is invalid. Or if the client answered True to two or more items on Scale 22, the report is invalid.

Why is the MAPI instrument invalid because Scales 1-8 are all less than 64 BR?

These scores indicate that the adolescent responded to the items with a consistent pattern of nondisclosure. The presence of defensiveness or denial should be evaluated. It is also possible, but very unlikely, that the adolescent is being honest and does not have anything significant to report.

I am trying to insert client responses but Q-global will not accept either t/f or T/F as the responses for true or false. What digits/numbers should I insert into the online form?

Please use 1 for True and 2 for False. How to Use This Test

The MAPI instrument can be used for diagnosis and treatment planning in clinical, correctional and educational settings by psychologists, psychiatrists, and school counsellors, as well as other mental health and guidance professionals.