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Expressive Vocabulary Test | Second Edition

Brief and easy to administer, the Expressive Vocabulary Test Second Edition (EVT-2) is designed to coordinate with the PPVT-4. Together, these tools give you an unbeatable system for comparing receptive and expressive vocabulary

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  • EVT-2 Form A Kit
    9780749157883 Qualification Level B

    Includes Stimulus Book A, Manual and 25 Record Forms (A) in a bag


  • EVT-2 Record Forms B
    9780749157944 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 100


  • EVT-2 Form B Kit
    9780749157890 Qualification Level B

    Includes Stimulus Book B, Manual and 25 Record Forms (B) in a bag


  • EVT-2 Record Forms A
    9780749157937 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 100


  • EVT-2 Record Forms A
    9780749157913 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • EVT-2 Complete Kit A and B
    9780749157951 Qualification Level B

    Includes Form A Kit and Form B Kit


  • EVT-2 Record Forms B
    9780749157920 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • EVT-2 Manual
    9780749157906 Qualification Level B


  • EVT-2 Q-global One-year Subscription
    9780749170820 Qualification Level B


  • EVT-2 Q-global Examiner's Manual
    9780749170851 Qualification Level B


  • EVT-2 Q-global Form B Digital Stimulus Book
    9780749170844 Qualification Level B


  • EVT-2 Q-global Form A Digital Stimulus Book
    9780749170837 Qualification Level B


  • EVT-2 Q-global Score Summary Report
    9780749170868 Qualification Level B



Publication date:
Age range:
2:6-90+ years
Age- and grade-based standard scores (M = 100, SD = 15), percentiles, normal curve equivalents (NCEs), stanines, age and grade equivalents, and Growth Scale Value (GSV)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10-20 Minutes
Scoring options:

Q-global Scoring & Reporting and Manual Scoring


Each scoring subscription is per user and will begin on the date the first subscription from the order is allocated to the user(s) in the Q-global account. After you place an order, you will receive an email informing you that your ​E​VT-​2​ digital Manual, Stimulus Book, and/or scoring are available on the Q-global platform.

The Flash drive Kit and individual flash drives have been discontinued. See the Q-global tab for options such as the Digital Manual and Digital Stimulus Book.


Product Details

The EVT™-2 is a measure of expressive vocabulary and word retrieval for Standard American English. Developed over a five-year period, the EVT™-2 test was co-normed along with the PPVT™-4 test based on a national sample of individuals ranging in age from 2:6–90+.


  • Assess expressive vocabulary quickly with a test that requires no reading or writing.
  • Evaluate English Language Learners’ (ELL) vocabulary acquisition as a flexible measure of their English word knowledge.
  • Make comparisons with receptive vocabulary to pinpoint a student’s strengths/weaknesses and identify potential word retrieval concerns.
  • Move immediately into evidence-based interventions using those embedded directly into and linked into the scoring and reporting software.
  • Assess oral expression as a foundation of writing skills.
  • Measure progress using one or both parallel forms.


The EVT-2 supplies two equivalent forms of the test with different vocabulary items to ensure the individual has not “learned” the test.

  • Two parallel forms for easier progress monitoring.
  • Identical administration and scoring procedures to the EVT.
  • Broader and more mixed use of labeling and synonym item types.
  • Five levels of diagnostic analysis.
  • New Growth Scale Value (GSV) for measuring progress over time.
  • Newly designed, flexible carrying case.

Sample Reports

The following sample reports are available EVT2. 

Score Summary: Includes the individual’s current scores, a narrative report, a diagnostic analysis of item-level performance, and a separate Suggested Interventions Report.

Diagnostic Analysis: Presents item-level performance classified by part of speech.

Progress Report: Tracks repeat administrations and helps monitor an individual’s improvement over time using the new Growth Scale Value (GSV).

Receptive-Expressive Comparison Report: Compares the student’s receptive and expressive vocabulary when administering both the EVT-2 and PPVT-4 tests, and analyzes item performance in multiple ways to enhance intervention.




Select a question below to see the response.

Page 14 in the EVT-2 manual states, "If a multiple word response contains a correct one-word response, score it as correct, unless the complete response is inconsistent with the context provided by the stimulus question and picture."

Would you simply mark it as correct and move on, despite it being more than one word, or would you mark it as correct and prompt for a 1 word response to try to elicit just a single word?

Follow page 14, yes. Score the item correct (if the context makes sense—see the two examples on that same page in the manual) AND prompt the examinee to “just say one word” as you’re moving on to the next item.

What are the pricing options for each digital solution?

Please refer to the individual product page (PPVT-4 or EVT-2) on our website for detailed information on all your options. We offer a “pay as you go” model or bulk purchasing options.

Can I save my report off Q-global?

Yes, you can save your report as a pdf where you are able to cut and paste text into your own larger report.

Does Q-interactive score and report?

Q-interactive offers basic scoring results that are generated directly and immediately from the administration you just completed within the Assess application. When the assessment results are uploaded to Q-central, examiners will be able to view detailed scoring results, individual item responses and all item analyses. Q Interactive does not generate a narrative/summative report.

Where can I go for security and compliance information? or

Can I “try before I buy?”

Yes, many of our newly-adapted assessments in digital formats have trial offers. Visit the respective product page on our website to learn about specific options for each test or for additional information.

Do I need to be online (wired or Wi-Fi) for the Q-global Resource Library tools?

Yes. Q-global is an online platform. You will need internet access to view and use the administration, scoring, or reporting options on Q-global.

Can I share manuals and stimulus books on Q-global?

Yes. The account owner on Q-global may purchase one or more copies of any digital stimulus book or digital manual and “assign” these assets to the appropriate users or sub-accounts. The assignments to different members of that account (e.g., in a district or team of professionals) can be changed at any time. So, if you buy 10 PPVT-4 digital manuals for 15 professionals on your team, you may “re-assign” any copy of any manual from one professional to another at any time.

Can I prepay for a quantity of Q-global reports, digital stimulus books, or digital manuals with one purchase order (PO)?

Yes. For PPVT-4, EVT-2, and CELF-5 scoring and reporting, there are volume discounts associated with score reports. You may “stock up and save” depending on the number of scoring/reporting usages that you choose. Digital stimulus books and manuals can also be paid for in bulk. Conversely, you can simply “pay as you go” for any of the digital options shown with no or very little “up front” cost.

What do I do if someone in our district or organization leaves and they have Q-global test administration data or digital stimulus books/manuals assigned to them?

You can de-activate their Q-global account but have access to the test data they completed. For digital stimulus books and manuals, simply go into the “Inventory” tab under Account Management and “de-allocate” or re-assign the assets (i.e., digital stimulus books and/or manuals) to other account users.

Does the Q-global On-screen Administration and Score Report require me to purchase the Q-global stimulus book?

No. The On-Screen Administration (OSA) is the actual administration of the PPVT-4 on the computer, complete with stimulus art and audio prompts. The examinee sits at the computer and takes the assessment, which then automatically uses the basal and ceiling rules and feeds the examinee responses into Q-global scoring and reporting. No data entry for you!

Do you have additional questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Assessment Consultant or Representative, or  contact us online

Two-Minute Talks with Dr.Kathleen Williams

What is the point of including "synonym" items?

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How can a child score higher on EVT? Speaking is harder than listening.

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I tested an adult. He said the pictures were distracting on some items. Why are there pictures with every item.

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My examinee just kept talking and giving multiple answers. I didn't know what to score or when to move on.

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Which test do I give first? PPVT or EVT? Does it matter?

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What is the GSV and how does it help me?

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