Bracken School Readiness Assessment | Third Edition

Brief and easy to administer, the Bracken School Readiness Assessment, Third Edition (BSRA-3) helps determine if a child is ready for school. The BSRA-3 evaluates five areas of the full BBCS assessments as part of the Bracken family of products in concept development

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Publication date:
Age range:
3:0 to 6:11

English: SRC Total Composite score and descriptive classification; Subtests: percent mastery. Spanish: Subtests: percent mastery.

Qualification level:
Completion time:
10-15 minutes

Product Details

BSRA-3 allows you to quickly screen concept knowledge of young children.


  • Provides Record Form that is designed for pre- and post-testing.
  • Gives suggestions in the Parent-Teacher Conference Form of activities parents can do at home with the child.
  • Provides information showing how the subtests align to each state’s early childhood standards.
  • Offers a sample lesson from the Bracken Concept Development Program.


BSRA-3 includes five subtests to assess basic concepts related to school readiness.

  • Subtests include: Colors, Letters, Numbers/Counting, Size/Comparison, and Shapes. 
  • National norms are provided for the English edition.
  • Scoring Assistant software for the BSRA allows users to quickly and accurately score tests results, maintain test records, and create graphical and summary reports.

Sample Reports

The BBCS parent report includes description of scores in English and Spanish.


BBCS Parent Report