The Functional Living Scale - UK Version

  • Munro C. Cullum
  • Myron F. Weiner
  • Kathleen C. Saine
The Functional Living Scale - UK Version (TFLS UK) is an ecologically valid, performance based measure of functional abilities with an emphasis on instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) skills

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Publication date:
Age range:
16 years to 90 years 11 months
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Individual - 15 minutes

Product Details

TFLSUK assesses an individual’s ability to perform a variety of tasks that support independent functioning in the community.


  • Brief and easy to use
  • Especially well-suited for use in assisted living and nursing home settings
  • Can be used in comprehensive assessments, to support placement decisions, aid treatment planning, evaluate treatment outcomes, and monitor disease progression
  • Subscale cumulative percentages and an overall T-Score can be used to help determine the examinee’s ability to function independently


  • Can be administered by a variety of professionals including:
  • Neuropsychologists and clinical psychologists working with all age ranges, to determine appropriate level of care
  • Therapists, to evaluate changes in level of care for individuals
  • Researchers in pharmaceuticals companies, to help conduct Alzheimer/dementia drug efficacy trials.
  • Covers four functional domains:
    • Time – Assesses the ability to use clocks and calendars
    • Money and Calculation – Assesses the ability to count money and write cheques
    • Communication – Assesses the ability to prepare a snack, use a phone and phone books
    • Memory – Assesses the ability to remember simple information and to take medications
  • Assesses functional abilities quickly and easily
  • Screens for dementia with a tool focused on skills likely to be affected by cognitive decline
  • Monitors functional decline and disease progression
  • Monitors treatment/drug efficacy
  • Determines level of care required and adapt treatment plans
  • Linked with key tools including the WAIS-IV UK and TOPF UK
  • A validation study of TFLSUK was conducted on 250 UK adults between the ages of 16 and 90.