Severe Impairment Battery

The Severe Impairment Battery (SIB) assesses severe dementia in the elderly
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Publication date:
Age range:
51 years to 91 years
Qualification level:

Product Details

The SIB has become a benchmark assessment used extensively in worldwide clinical trials by drug companies seeking to develop treatments to combat Alzheimer's disease.


  • The SIB gathers direct performance-based data on a wide variety of low-level tasks which take into account the specific behavioural and cognitive deficits associated with severe dementia
  • Enhances our understanding of the disease process and provides valuable clinical information regarding the later stages of dementia
  • Evaluates cognitive abilities at the lower end of the range


  • It is composed of simple one-step commands and gestural cues, and it allows for a variety of simple responses
  • Brief evaluations of praxis, social interaction and orienting to name

The SIB is designed to be psychometrically reliable and allows for repeated assessments. Each subscale yields scores to assess mild to moderate dementia.

The six major subscales are:

  • Attention
  • Orientation
  • Language
  • Memory
  • Visuo-spatial ability
  • Construction