WAIS-IV / WMS-IV UK Scoring Software and Report Writer

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WAIS-IV / WMS-IV UK Scoring Software and Report Writer provides time-saving scoring and reporting

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  • WAIS-IV Scoring Software WAIS-IV / WMS-IV UK Scoring Software and Report Writer
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Product Details


  • Produces individualised, comprehensive reports that go beyond mere scores, tables and graphs
  • Generates concise score reports and statistical reports with graphs and tables
  • Includes comprehensive user manual


  • Non-Technical Client Report
  • Comprehensive Narrative Report with narrative interpretations included.
  • Clinical and Background Review
  • Raw to scaled score conversions
  • Strength and weakness discrepancies
  • Interprets statistically significant discrepancies between scores
  • Uses the PsychCorpCenter Platform as its foundation to integrate with other report writer applications and produce cross battery analysis of scores

The operating systems supported by our software are Windows XP | Vista | 7. Ensure your computer meets the minimum software requirements prior to purchasing our software.




Are the norms US or UK on the writer?

The WAIS-IV UK and WMS-IV UK kits and writer both have US norms. However, both assessments were anglicised so that they are appropriate to use on a UK sample of participants.

The reason for having US norms is that a UK sample was used for validation, but because the assessments validated, there was no need to go to full standardisation. So the US norms apply to both the assessments and the writer. The assessment didn’t have to go to full standardisation as it validated against the US model.