Benton Visual Retention Test - Fifth Edition

  • Abigail Benton Sivan
The Benton Visual Retention Test - Fifth Edition assesses visual perception, memory and visuoconstructive abilities

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  • Benton Complete Kit
    9780158027500 Qualification Level C

    Includes Manual, Stimulus Booklet (all 30 designs), Scoring Template and 25 Response Booklets/Record Forms


  • Benton Manual
    9780158027517 Qualification Level C



  • Benton Response Booklets/Record Forms
    9780158027531 Qualification Level C

    Pack of 25


  • Benton Stimulus Booklet
    9780158027524 Qualification Level C



  • Benton Scoring Template
    9780158027555 Qualification Level C




Publication date:
Age range:
8 years to adult
Qualification level:
Three alternate and equivalent forms: C, D, and E

Product Details

The Benton Visual Retention Test ® has proven its sensitivity to reading disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury, Attention-Deficit Disorder, Alzheimer's, and other forms of dementia.


  • Provides easy administration.
  • Features updated normative data, expanded scoring examples, and a detailed review of research conducted with the test.


The Benton Visual Retention Test is composed of three test forms.

  • Each of the 3 test forms consists of 10 designs presented one-by-one.
  • Three alternate, equivalent forms of the Benton Visual Retention Test allow for retesting while minimizing practice effects.
  • Interrater scoring is highly reliable (r = .95 to .97).