Everyday Memory Survey

  • Trevor A. Hall, PsyD, ABPdN
  • Wayne Adams, PhD, ABPP
  • David Sheslow, PhD
Everyday Memory Survey (EMS) is a set of rating scales designed to assess everyday memory in adults.


Publication date:
Age range:
18-90 years
Reading Level:
Grade 5
Qualification level:
Completion time:
10 minutes
Q-global, Paper-and-pencil
Self-Report Rating Form & Observer Rating Form
Scoring options:
Q-global, hand scoring
Report Options:
Individual, Multi-rater & Progress

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Is it "normal" memory decline or something more?
Reduce unnecessary referrals with this quick and easy memory screener

Declining memory function is one of the most common complaints among individuals as they age, and it can be difficult for practitioners and medical professionals to determine whether it's due to cognitive impairment or developmentally normative declines in memory. The Everyday Memory Survey (EMS) allows practitioners and medical professionals to screen for individual memory related behaviors in daily life to determine if further testing or a referral is needed.

The Everyday Memory Survey is a set of questionnaires designed to assess everyday memory in adults. Examples of everyday memory include remembering names, keeping track of daily plans, and accurately recalling medication regimens.


  • The EMS affords clinicians and other care providers a quick, reliable, and valid way to ecologically monitor, manage, and treat patients with known or potential memory impairment.
  • The EMS is brief enough to use in many different settings, including primary care clinics, rehabilitation centers, residential care facilities, and private practice.
  • The EMS can help eliminate unnecessary referrals for comprehensive memory testing by screening out those with normal memory decline.


  • The EMS consists of Self-Report and Observer rating forms. Each form has 25 items and requires approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • The EMS can be administered using a computer or tablet via Q-global, a secure internet-based administration, scoring, and reporting platform available through Pearson. Alternatively, it can be administered in a traditional paper-based format.