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Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota

  • Ruth A. Rustad, OTR
  • Terry L. DeGroot, OTR
  • Margaret L. Jungkunz, OTR
  • Karen S. Freeberg, OTR
  • Laureen G. Borowick, OTR
  • Ann M. Wanttie, OTR
The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota measures the cognitive abilities of adults with neurologic impairments

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  • Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota
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Product Details

The Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota provides a quick identification of general problem areas presented in a concise hierarchical approach.


  • Quickly assess significant areas of cognition. 
  • Understand the theoretical framework and the means to quickly and inclusively assess significant areas of cognition.
  • Establish a baseline and validate treatment.
  • Develop a holistic team approach with measurable, objective data that facilitates communication between professionals.
  • Strengthen your role in the evaluation of clients with neurologic impairments.

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