Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome

Behavioural Assessment of the Dysexecutive Syndrome (BADS) predicts everyday problems associated with a major area of cognitive deficit that can impede functional recovery and the ability to respond to rehabilitation programs

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  • BADS Scoring Sheets
    9780749129255 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • BADS Manual
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  • BADS Complete Kit
    9780749134006 Qualification Level B

    Includes Manual, 25 Scoring Sheets, 5 Stimulus Books, Stimulus Cards, Three-dimensional plastic materials, Timer, 25 Self-rater Dex Questionnaires and 25 Independant Rater Questionnaires in a bag


  • BADS DEX Questionnaires
    9780749129163 Qualification Level B

    2 Packs of 25 (Self-rater and Independent Rater)



Age range:
16 to 87 years
Qualification level:
40 minutes
216 U.K. controls and 92 patient study. Aged scaled scores and percentile ranks

Product Details

BADS is designed to predict issues associated with Dysexecutive Syndrome, including disorders of planning, organization, problem solving, setting priorities, and attention.


  • Assess skills and demands of everyday life.
  • Emphasize capacities usually exercised in everyday situations.
  • Sensitive to capacities affected by frontal lobe damage and to everyday problems experienced due to brain injury; a small study was conducted with schizophrenia to identify executive deficits in this group.