Conners 3rd Edition

Conners 3
Updated to provide a new scoring option for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) Symptom Scales, The Conners 3rd Edition™ (Conners 3™) is a dependable tool for supporting the diagnostic process. 

Conners 4th Edition is now available! Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) has announced that as of 31st December 2023, they will discontinue the sale of all Conners 3 paper products (Quikscore/handscored forms and manuals). Read the blog post here

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  • Conners 3 Handscored Teacher Forms C3D008
    9780749168315 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3AI Handscored Parent Forms C30030
    9780749148294 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3AI Handscored Teacher Forms C30031
    9780749148300 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3 Handscored Short Teacher Forms C30011
    9780749148218 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3 Handscored Short Self-Report Forms C30012
    9780749148225 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3 Handscored Short Parent Forms C30010
    9780749148201 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3GI Handscored Parent Forms C30026
    9780749148263 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3 DSM-5 Supplement C30SUP
    9780749168247 Qualification Level B


  • Conners 3 Parent Response Booklets C30036
    9780749148324 Qualification Level B

    Pack of 25


  • Conners 3 Manual C30006
    9780749148164 Qualification Level B



Publication date:
Qualification level:


Completion time:
Long Version: 20 minutes, Short Version: 10 minutes, Conners 3AI and Conners 3GI: less than 5 minutes
Administered to parents and teachers of children and adolescents age 6-18. Self-report, age 8-18
Scoring options:

Discontinuation of Conners 3rd Edition Paper Products 

Multi-Health Systems Inc. (MHS) has announced that as of 31st December 2023, they will discontinue the sale of all Conners 3 paper products (Quikscore/handscored forms and manuals).

Read the Blog Post

Product Details

Conners 4th edition is now available

Based on the solid findings and key elements of its predecessor, the Conners’ Rating Scales-Revised (CRS-R™), the Conners 3 has a greater focus on ADHD and associated features.


  • Obtain refined focus on ADHD in school-age children with a new age range.
  • Address comorbid disorders such as oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.
  • Identify children with clinical symptoms in educational settings.
  • Plan and monitor intervention with step-by-step guidance.
  • Choose full-length or short version options for each parent, teacher, and self-report form.


Conners 3 full-length forms include new and innovative features:

  • Three new validity scales — Positive Impression, Negative Impression, and Inconsistency Index — for increased confidence in the informant’s response.
  • DSM-IV-TR™ symptom scales for ADHD and all informants measuring oppositional defiant disorder and conduct disorder.
  • Severe conduct critical items (e.g., weapon use, fire starting, etc.) for identification of youths who require immediate attention and intervention.
  • Screener items for both anxiety and depression.
  • Impairment questions to measure impact on a child’s life at home, school, and with friends.
  • Updated normative data based on the 2000 U.S. census data. Separate norms are provided for males and females in one-year intervals (17- and 18-year old norms are grouped together).

Scoring & Reporting

There are four scoring and reporting options for Conners 3.

Conners 3 Full-Length Forms

The Conners 3 Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report full-length forms closely parallel each other and include every Conners 3 item. These forms convey the most detailed information of all the forms and include Content scales, DSM-5 Symptom scales, Conners 3AI, Conners 3GI, Anxiety and Depression Screener items, Severe Conduct Critical items, Validity scales, Impairment items, and Additional Questions. Conners 3 Parent and Teacher forms are used to rate youth 6-18 years, and the Self-Report form can be completed by youth 8-18 years.

Conners 3 Short Forms

Conners 3 Short Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report forms closely parallel each other, and are a subset of items from the full-length forms. Short forms include a subset of items from the Conners 3 Content scales, the Positive Impression and Negative Impression scales, and the Additional Questions. These forms can be used as screeners and are also suitable for monitoring the impact of treatment or intervention programs.

Conners 3 ADHD Index

For the Conners 3AI, the index contains the 10 items that best differentiate youth with ADHD from youth in the general population. It is useful as a quick check to see if further ADHD evaluation is warranted, particularly for pre-evaluation or group screening purposes. This index is available in parent, teacher, and self-report formats.

Conners 3 Global Index

For the Conners 3GI, the index contains the 10 most predictive items from the original Conners Parent and Teacher Rating Scales with updated normative data. This index is useful for monitoring treatment effectiveness and changes over time. This index is available in parent and teacher formats. 

Conners 3GI and Conners 3AI are available as separate kits with additional forms sold separately. The Conners 3GI and Conners 3AI indices are included in the Full Form version of the Conners 3.

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