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WIAT-II UK for Teachers

WIAT-II UK for Teachers (WIAT-II UK-T) is designed for access arrangements, statementing and general literacy levels, WIAT-II for Teachers assesses single word reading, reading comprehension, reading speed and spelling.

WIAT-III UK for Teachers (WIAT-III UK-T) is now available here.

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Publication date:
Age range:
4 to 85 years (17 to 85 years are US norms)
Qualification level:
Completion time:
Individual - 30 to 40 minutes

Product Details

The WIAT-III UK-T is now available.

The WIAT-II UK-T Kit and Manual are now out of print. Record Forms are still available to purchase below.


  • Comprehensive UK-normed assessment package designed for access arrangements, statementing and general literacy levels.
  • Offers teachers subtests in the three key areas of reading:
    • untimed single word accuracy
    • reading comprehension
    • reading speed.


  • Single Word Reading - includes letter identification, phonological awareness, letter-sound awareness, accuracy and automaticity of word recognition
  • Reading Comprehension - stories and sentences include literal, inferential and lexical comprehension, oral reading accuracy and fluency and word recognition in context
  • Reading Speed - for 6 to 16 years 11 months. Words per minute (WPM) can also be recorded for the full age range
  • Reading Rate - this is calculated from the Reading Comprehension subtest. The quartile scores identify the slow and accurate, slow and inaccurate, fast and accurate and fast and inaccurate reader
  • Single Word Spelling - includes letter-sound correspondence for vowels, consonants and consonant blends, regular and irregular words, contradictions and high-frequency homonyms.

In addition to a full set of US norms for the adult population, WIAT-IIUK-T provides up-to-date UK norms for children and adolescents. Based on 800 children, across all geographic regions, the data accurately represents the current UK population aged 4 to 16 years 11 months according to the 2001 UK census data.

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How should I score the WIAT-II-T Reading comprehension subtest when the reverse rule is applied?

To score the WIAT-II-T Reading comprehension subtest when the reverse rule has been applied, test administrators are to ensure that they’ve calculated the weighted raw score before the standard score. This will then take into account the item set the child took. The standard score is then calculated for the actual age of the child (so that you are always comparing a child’s performance to their age peers). You should use table B1 to convert the total raw score to a weighted raw score. Then use Appendix C to obtain the standard score (based on the chronological age of the child). As long as you have followed this procedure, your calculation should be correct.

For example, if you used the reverse rule on a 12 year old child, you would go back 3 start points to age 9. You would then administer the age 9 items only. You would add the scores of all of the comprehension items within the administered age level (in this case age 9) only.

Therefore, on table B1 you would refer to the level administered, not the age of the child. So in the example above, you would look at the age 9 item set as this is the items that the 12 year old child answered after the reversal rule was put in place.

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