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Access to the Q-global platform itself is free of charge. Each individual report generated and access to digital assets such as (stimulus books and manuals etc) are priced per- product. Inventory available is listed per product on individual product pages. 

All inventory options come with the advantages of Q-global, including cross-device access, secure data storage, and flexible account management features.


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There are three types of purchasable inventory:

  1. Annual report subscriptions - unlimited report generation allowed throughout subscription period. Subscriptions can only be used to report on manually entered test data (paper administration). 

  2. Pay per use report usages - Can be ordered in bulk or individually. Credits allow for reporting for on-screen, remote on-screen and manually entered data, depending on delivery method available per assessment (check matrix). 

  3. Digital Assets - Unlimited on screen access to purchasable product manuals or stimulus. Available to view on-screen whilst logged into Q-global only

Please note: resources bought online have a 48 hour delay before they are made available on your portal. If you need resources urgently please contact customer services on 0345 630 8888 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm).


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